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Kopper Park

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  1. Playground

Canton’s newest neighborhood park is located on the north side of Koppernick Road, east of Haggerty Road. Kopper Park features traditional playground equipment in an unconventional space. This new play area includes: swings, slides, a play structure with climbing apparatus, play panels, spinning wheel, shade sail, a bouncing grasshopper, as well as benches that will make this area a nice gathering spot. Future additions will include the installation of synthetic turf to create rolling hills, which will be added later in fall 2020. 

Funded in part by a Community Development Block Grant, this half-acre plot of land was purchased from the West Gate Apartment Development to add to Canton’s park system in an area of the community that has expanded and added many new young families. This location was selected near the Holiday Park Subdivision, which is one of Canton Township’s oldest neighborhoods, to address a need for a play structure in this area that has witnessed generations of families grow and develop through the years.