What is the history of Fellows Creek Golf Club?
In 1978 Canton purchased Fellows Creek Golf Club. The initial purchase included an 18 hole golf course, a home which served as a club house and a small maintenance building. Over the years the course has under gone many significant modifications; greens and tees were improved, cart path added, a new club house and maintenance building were constructed, the parking lot was expanded and the addition of 9 new golf holes. In the spring of 2005, 2 new golf holes replaced 2 poorly designed holes. The holes were constructed by Robertson Brothers Builders as part of their Links of Fellows Creek Condo project.

This golf club offers a bar and grill, along with a banquet room that can be booked for your special occasions. This golf club is owned by Canton Township, but operated under a private contract. For more information, call 734/728-1300.

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