Winter Road Maintenance

This winter, the Wayne County Department of Public Services (DPS) will continue to use a priority ranking system for winter maintenance operations on many state highways.

Wayne County provides the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) with services on three state-owned highways that bisect Canton; I-275, Michigan Avenue (US-12), and Ford Road (M-153). Under the winter maintenance program, I-275 and portions of Michigan Avenue (east of Lotz to Canton Center) and Ford Road (Hannan to Haggerty) have been designated Priority I Routes and will receive the highest level of service. Meanwhile, Michigan Avenue from Canton Center to the Wayne County border and Ford Road from Haggerty to the Wayne County border have been designated Priority II.

During snow events, there will be no change in winter maintenance operations on either routes; however, on Priority I routes (i.e. areas with high traffic volumes as well as routes that contain schools and hospitals), County maintenance crews will work to clear the entire pavement of ice and snow during and after a snow event, using overtime if necessary.

On Priority II Routes, County maintenance crews will work to clear most of the snow and ice from roads. At a minimum, roads will be cleared providing two-wheel tracks in each direction, by the conclusion of a storm event. While Priority II routes will be passable, they will not necessarily be completely clear until sometime after snow has stopped accumulating.

All State roads and some County roads maintained by the County will be designated as Level I or II routes. All other County roads will be categorized as Level III, IV or V. Priority III roads may be maintained as part of higher priority routes, but are generally maintained after Level I and II roads are cleared first. Priority IV roads include minor collector local roads and primary gravel roads.

Priority V roads include all other roads and subdivision streets. Please note, snow removal on Priority V roads will not begin until an accumulation of more than 6" exists and travel is difficult. Work on these roads will be completed during regularly scheduled shifts without using overtime.

Questions and concerns regarding the County's new ranking system can be directed to Canton's Engineering Services Division at 734/394-5150. Canton staff will compile questions and concerns and forward them onto Wayne County DPS throughout the winter.