Keep it Neat

Property Maintenance Guidelines

Taking advantage of the Canton Clean-up Weekends is a great way to help Keep it Neat! Keeping neighborhoods safe and beautiful is the responsibility of all Canton residents, especially home and property owners. A well-kept property makes the home more inviting, enhances the neighborhood and increases property values.

Canton urges all property owners to keep the community looking good for all to enjoy. Be a good neighbor to your fellow homeowners as well as to the environment in Canton. Everyone's contribution can make a difference.

Keep it Neat Canton Logo

Clean up after your pets. Pet waste can contain harmful bacteria. When left on sidewalks or yards, it washes into storm drains or roadside ditches polluting our creeks and rivers. Never dispose of any liquid or solid waste into the storm sewers. Dumping motor oil, chemicals, or other toxic materials down storm drains, sinks, or on the ground pollutes our creeks and rivers.

Maintain your property free of debris and clutter to deter pests and rodents from nesting. Help keep Canton beautiful by maintaining your property and reap the rewards of a safe and beautiful community.

Large Items

Items such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, steel bathtubs, couches, chairs, mattresses, box springs, lamps, or tables must be set out with your trash before 6:30 am on your trash day. For questions or more information on Green for Life (GFL) Environmental Services please call 866/772-8900.

Spring Spruce Up!

Spring is the perfect time to spruce up and clean up your property by following a few basic tips.

  • Clean up
    Rake away debris and get rid of weeds. Consider hand pulling large weeds instead of using an herbicide to help protect the environment. Keeping a well maintained yard will help identify and remove weeds more easily
  • Dispose of yard waste properly
    Compost season begins the first Monday in April and runs through the second week in December. Grass clippings, leaves, and garden waste must be placed in 30 gallon paper yard waste bags or 32 gallon reusable containers with sturdy handles marked "COMPOST." Stickers for reusable container are available at Canton's Treasurers Office. View Refuse Collection Guidelines and Rules (PDF)
  • Fertilize sparingly
    Choose a fertilizer with low or no phosphorus or select an organic, slow release fertilizer. These environmentally friendly options help keep pollution out of lakes and rivers and protect water quality.
  • Inspect it
    Walk around your home and check for roofing problems, deteriorated siding, gutters, foundations, broken or cracked windows, torn screens, and deteriorated porches and steps. In addition, make sure you remove any accumulated trash or debris around your home
  • Keep lawns, bushes, and trees trimmed and healthy
    Any bushes, shrubs or trees encroaching on the sidewalk is an ordinance violation and must be cut back
  • Mow high
    Keep mower blades sharp and balanced and don't cut your lawn too short. A height of 3 to 4 inches will reduce insect damage, reduce water usage, and reduce runoff and leaching
  • Sweep it
    Sweep all streets and sidewalk of grass clippings and fertilizer to keep pollution out of waterways